About Us

A&S POWERSELLER is an Australian Registered Company that directly imports, distribution and sales. We stock a variety of products ranging from dirt bikes, quad bikes, motocross gears, machineries, generators, camping accessories, bike spare parts, and much more. We also manufacture quality camper trailers.


When you shop with us, you are making the right choice. A&S Powerseller is very competitive. Our pricing model will ensure that we match competitor in value for money and exceed any expectation. We understand the need for “value”. Furthermore, it’s not always the price that matters when it comes to purchasing. A&S Powerseller has also had the opportunity to improve its own offering by working closely with manufacturers to improve design and functionality of many of their products. These colaborations allow A&S Powerseller to bring in products that are exceptional value.


Our company will always strife to keep cost down without cutting corners. With comprehensive spare parts and experienced personnel, A&S Powerseller provides the best after sale service for our customers. We believe with our professionalism and enthusiasm we can provide our customers with the best service and products.


We would like to thank our customers for the support given throughout the past years. Because of this support we have become a favourite seller amongst many people and companies alike. We have been trading on the internet for years and we always find wonderful https://aucasinosonline.com/ feedbacks and advices from our customers. We have listened, strife to improve and change with the trend. With your support, we have become one of the biggest Australia China bike importers and manufacturer of affordable camper trailers. We hope that with your continuous support, we will keep on growing and expand our products range.


We look forward to bringing new exciting products to everyone. Thank you for shopping with us!